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  1. centre white i send shop to spray..

    If u got friend want to buy monoshock YSS message me.. thankz

  2. hi sujak. i have an aftermarket AHM pipe. The sound excellent very bassy. But if use stock footrest need to mod abit.
  3. Bro my budget is about 800. If u ok we can deal.

  4. still looking for stock mirrors?

    call me 94249946

  5. Im selling stock. Mirrors call me at 94249946

  6. Hi... If u change ur plan again of selling... Pls contact me at 93501718... Thanks... :cheeky:

  7. Hi, like to know where to get your chrome stuff, pm me the address please. Thanks

  8. zart, by any chance ko ade spray itam tak?

    nie member rizal ah, ko msg aku @98782660..


  9. Btw. i have some x1 parts to let go. mebe its better if i post here also. really wanna clear this stuffs. 1) Pop Talanoi Racing Footrest 2) X1 Sideboard ( Black Color ) 3) CBR 150 tailight 4) Carbon Fibre Battery Cover 5) Round Carbon Fibre Mirror 6) Pop Talanoi Chrome Swingarm. ( Exchange with stock and also top up) Dats all folks. Sms me @ 98747674 for dealing.
  10. cool or what x1 uses gpr. sure the bike heavy on what side. Because the pipe is meant for spark. and obviously spark is heavier on than x1. but its worth the try!
  11. GPR cant be used on X1 but only for spark and X1-R
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