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  1. it is the common man bro... the ones that takes up loan to buy a bread n butter new bike.
  2. COE still around 8k level... when will it reach 9?
  3. yeah, just go planet for non cosmetic stuffs. So phantom really got 6 gears? which version ah?
  4. 10 yr old bike with 60k mileage likely means actual mileage is 160K something is not right if cant go beyond 100, but u can feel the bike doesn't like to be pushed beyond 100 n will likely experience piston jam if u push it beyond 100 constantly. Btw, I recall phantom is only 5 gears? If u r gonna ride the bike for at least 2 more years, quite worth it to a do a overhaul, change clutch plates, ball bearing, tyres, brakes... It'll feel like a new bike.
  5. kzone

    Harley Riders gather

    if u cant sell, means its priced too high.
  6. what would you suggest that's good for bike? Is it better to get those that's fixed to the bike using the bike's battery?
  7. talking about having video footage, I'm also thinking of setting one up. Is there anything sleek available locally? Something that's just like a round tube that can be attached at the side of helmets. I don't dig those squarish go pro kind of cams on the helmet.
  8. a work of art! I'm not sure how much it cost new but if I'm in the market for a bike now... just looking at this bike and the asking price, I'd sneak out of the office to LTA rite now!
  9. straits time link no longer valid or maybe I've exceeded the monthly quota. Anyway, I think the quota in the link have not added the unused COEs. Let's see the Aug 1st bidding to see number of COEs available.
  10. u can get the info fm one motoring. Here is the quota for next 3 months : NON-TRANSFERABLE CATEGORIES: Category A: Cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,907 Category B: Cars (above 1600cc or 97kW (130bhp)) => 1,322 Category D: Motorcycles => 552
  11. Yeah, & I wouldn't dare NOT to split in moderate to heavy traffic. There will be vehicles cutting in fm all over.. to ur front eating into ur safe distance, fm the sides trying to take up that half a lane of free space pushing u to the side... sudden abrupt stop by the vehicles in front... not being able to see the road conditions further up ahead etc etc....n I'm not just referring to cars.. even other bikes in fact especially other bikes will cut in.
  12. haha... who says its an advise. Its just the way it is. Just like bidding for a piece of paper before being allowed to own ur vehicle, at 1 time it was over 8K for a bike n over 100k for a car. Ridiculous sure, but dat is reality
  13. who cares about total price nowadays... reasonable monthly instalment will do. use 2 years then COI out
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