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  1. Mini Africa Twin! Honda CBF190X Super reliable City Tourer for sale! Easy on maintenance, fuel efficient and great riding posture. kopi bike, low mileage of 10,500 km. Bike comes with new tires (100km only), 42L toolbox and a very nice bidded Fxx59x plate. COE 8.5 years remaining. Highest paper value of $7,118 due to high COE paid Registered April 2017. Brand new bikes going at $14,500 now. Selling at $9,999 firm with bidded number plate. First come first served. Bike is fully paid, buyers advised to find own financing. Pls contact me on carousell, seldom come into
  2. Hi bro...thanks for the reply on your post. Can't text you cause overseas now till next year. Can share with me where you got your plastics?

  3. bro, pm me the link

  4. no bro the one i selling you is another one.. or u wanna try the sidi?

  5. Bro,

    In your thread dated 29/5/11 sayaing you selling a SIDI riding boot for your friend asking for SGD120. Is this the same boot you offer me?

  6. didn't get to identify you at all bro.. =\ can pass you your thing next week cos school is starting! =|
  7. icic.. also good cos i checked both sides before making the xfer.. ;]
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