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  1. it just change to bigger's tank but not spare tank, should be ok, so far, the shop say only for sniper because it is a ready product, not modify, and my FC for sniper : 90km/h is about 45 - 50km/h
  2. try for a week, feel like it only 6 little, but not 7 little. is ok la, can let me run for 3 day(240km), but i may top up petrol every 2 day, that make me no pressure for the fuel.
  3. I stay Boon Lay, work at changi south, use yamaha sniper to work , travel 80KM everyday, so i got to pump petrol everyday also, @@ ...... Today i just change my yamaha sniper 4.2 little fuel tank to 7 little tank, the shop said the product only for yamaha sniper, that cost me only $180, i think it can run for 2 - 3day for the full tank, ha ha, so happy!! Let my try for 1 week, see how! \o/
  4. With box, is good to put in your bag when raining day.
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