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  1. wah thats a good price for ori coverset! tapi jaoh bro! any idea hw mch in sg?
  2. Anyone bought a full original coverset recently? how much?
  3. Sooooo, fellow rempits! Anyone knows how much is the summon for using sotong tyres?? some say kena points laa bah blah blah... Any reliable source to confirm the offence?? Damn.. it seems like i have to go back to bigger profile tyres and have the bloody temptation to dive into corners!
  4. can join 125z club?interested.hehe.

  5. it does not state the exact size.

    but i try wearing it and i fit it in nicely. so should be around 8-9

  6. at jb ..............

  7. bro, your bike nice uh. wanna ask, the colour you spray yourself or do at shop? if shop, where uh? i also wanna spray my 125z.

  8. Sorry the the late reply, i bought my bike with the front mg 80rm sounds ex though

  9. i stay tamp laa.

  10. Bro


    My friend had already send you some pics. Check your e-mail at [email protected].



  11. u stay pasir ris uh??

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