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  1. March 2015 Transfer count 1 Comes with - Keyless with security alarm Harley projector LED daymaker headlights LED dynamic ring side indicators, smoked lens Back rest Willie G skull Derby cover Harley rubber grips Harley engine air deflector Screaming Eagle Pro Street tuner Screaming Eagle intake Remus LTA approved exhuast with headers New battery Servicing at Dealership No time to ride thus letting this rumble go $36000 Contact 94562426
  2. 21" Clear, Not cut. P/N 57140-05. Used once on my Fatboy. Perfect condition, no scratches, like new. Cash and Carry - $450. Contact 94562426
  3. hey bro, wanna sell your bike in a faster way? I have just set up a instagram account for motorbike sales! Please follow fastmotorbike8 on Instagram! Thanks!!

  4. Let's gather at Rail mall at 12.30 and rumble down together?
  5. prices of the battery must have gone up. The Yuasa battery that costs 50 bucks had the polarity postion opposite to the HD one. Meaning if you look at the battery and the left terminal is + on the HD, it's - on the Yuasa. The mechanic told me he can try "pulling" the wires and connect them. The 2 HD workshops that I went to told me to go get the HD battery, they lasts the longest according to them.
  6. it's $250 for the Harley battery. Found a Yuasa battery, same size, same amp but the polarity was wrong. Went for the HD one in the end. My 1st one lasted 2.3 yrs.
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