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  1. actually london got bike taxi. it is more ex then car taxi. the are using big bike like st or fjr (type that look like these lah) for bike taxi. basically, the idea is good. but most singaporean will not accept it. becos, 1st they think it is degrading. 2nd bike is danger in their mind. 3rd they are spoilt and want confort too. 4th most girl will hate to wear helmet or have their long hair blow in the air like that. it will spoilt them hairdo (most of them think like that). the most factor is 1st they think it is degrading. 2nd they think it is danger. unless these are being corrected,
  2. i presume he got in it sitex pc show last yr, they are selling at 900+ (the 1st version which amd). then they offer to add the ram to 1g and the total call is 1k. the version u see now is the 2nd version. it is intel. just for your info
  3. u got a kohjinsha. the one u have is amd or intel (later version). I need your help with a test feedback. i appericated. i need you to log into those online movie type of site (for eg pplive, etc) try to view a few movie. then give us your feedback. esp if there is any laggy (pausing issue becos the processor is thinking), slow (the sound u hear is not the same as the clip. for eg, the clip is 2 sec slower then the sound), and how long it take to load before the movie start (usually it should be within 1 min). Many thanks. I wanted to get a 7 inch for my everyday travel and sc
  4. just for info. (take i for example only.) scenerio 1: - i am singaporean and i have valid driving licence. - i buy a bike. (no problem) - i put my friend name in the insurance as sub-rider (no problem) - my friend is not local but has a valid driving licence (be it a sg licence or international licence) - my friend will be able to ride this bike everywhere and anywhere without a problem. scenerio 2: - my friend is in sg (either for study or work) with a valid pass. he is not pr. - he has valid international license or he has successfully obtain a sg licence via convert procedure
  5. i have a pair of used but still in good condition suspension if u want 2nd hand type. it is not a bad brand also, but it is not showa.
  6. just want to add a info about hit and run. 1. if the hit and run person is drink and drive or drunk and drive. his insurance co will most likely not accept claim. 2. if the hit and run person have no licence, his insurance co will most likely not accept claim. 3. if the hit and run person lan lan also don't want to pay for your damage, u will be at a lose. becos 3a. insurance claim is useless liao 3b. u can sue him but will take a super troublesome route and also don't know worth it or not. maybe in the end u have to pay a lot more. 3c. if the claim amount is less then 10k, we canno
  7. Just to share a outdated experience. please note that this happen a long time ago so i don't know if this method is a correct procedure or not. 1. lost 1 passport at malaysia. It fly away (most likely as we assume) 2. After many min of decision, we decided to go back sg to make report for fear that at MY we may have more trouble (we are almost cashless liao becos we are making a returning from a trip) 3. we ride thru the MY custom (only the person without Passport ride thru without chop lah) 4. we stop at sg custom and walk to request to see the officer in the room. we were escoted an
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