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  1. Selling at $7,000. Bike is fully paid. Reg Date: 09 Jan 2015 (6.4 years left) COE Expiry: 08 Jan 2025 Mileage: 24,804km Fully stock except YSS rear shocks and Hepco & Becker box. Always parked in shelter, MSCP. Interested please text me at: 98007234
  2. Hey, who knows, maybe after exams we all could meet up and hang out or sth.
  3. Eh, most people here ride SP ah? Coooool.
  4. Haha, where got pro? My maths suck lah. Haha. I never took EM3A, from EG2 straight got to EM3B. Im in aerospace tech, year two, going year three this year already. Man, time flies when ur having fun. Next year NS already. Haiz.
  5. Haha, its 2 in the morning, i have a paper later in the day, yet i cant seem to fall asleep. Anws,to the engineering peeps sitting for the EM3B paper later, all the best!
  6. Haha. But still, like what bro enfant said above, even if paul senior test ride ur bike, he's considered the 'authorised technician' and will reset the meter once he's done. So it doesnt matter if paul senior test rode ur chopper or x1, odometer should still be zero, right?
  7. Well, good luck to everyone for the exams. Oh and take care on the roads, alot of accidents these past few months, everywhere oso got the 'fatal/serious accident' sign. scary ****.
  8. Yep, the slippery/muddy/oily patch is still there at yishun ring road. Skidded a little there, almost hit curb. But lucky got out of it. Hehe. I live near Khatib MRT there.
  9. Haha, same. And i havnt even started studying yet. Die lah.
  10. How often do you need to clear carb and clear carbon for 2stroke bikes?
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