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    Ducati Riders

    if anyone is going to hokkaido, there is a ducati outlet in chitose...the duty free shopping outlet mall. many good buys there.
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    Ducati Riders

    goodness... what a weekend... wet weather riding is hell
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    Ducati Riders

    depends on whether your key has a transponder...
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    Ducati Riders

    yup yesterday tried to start bike batt only 5.2v on the 4th try then fire up... 1st gear in, bike stall... brembos all wet.... clutch also wet bike damp sibei sianz... but at least ride to minerva manage to see the Diavel !
  5. One and the same, Sherlock.


    Drop by minerva on Saturday mornings and we can chat more there.

  6. hi Hart,


    are u the same Hart from ducatispot.com ?


    if u are, i would like to ask u more bout how to downshift w/o clutching in...


    thanks !

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