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  1. I see, this troublemaker really go an extra mile to make us pay fine. Are you saying all they got to do is email the photo they got from their car’s camera and email to Traffic-police? If you have the email address, can I have please? Why on earth there is such evil-hearted men? Bikes are so small that doesn’t block their path. We are always under sun & rain, can’t these people have some compassion to let us pass first? In fact we are the ones that are always being bullied by them, 1. Anyhow cut into our lane without proper signalling or sufficient distancing 2.
  2. Hi Xmaxer, thank you for your advice. Did you mean I had this fine all because the vehicle behind me lodge the complaint that I didn’t queue?
  3. Hi Everyone, I just got one but don’t quite understand how I got it. Did the sentence below means that I did not queue when turning right? Thank you ’Failing to form up correctly when turing right under 7 road traffic fules (light vehicle)’
  4. Hi LovestoryZ, I am looking for workshop that repair Vespa in the East. Not able to find "The Hive" at Kaki Bukit, can give me an address or full company name that i can do a better search? Thanks
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