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  1. im seldom on9.

    bip me up @ 91881413

  2. im seldom on9.

    bip me up @ 91881413

  3. im seldom on9.

    bip me up @ 91881413

  4. im seldom on9.

    bip me up @ 91881413

  5. Hey, I don't have fb dude. Haha. Really a bummer. But it's okay. Do pm me if there's any outing. Coz I realize I don't have any Vespasian friends. Haha. Check out~

  6. yo do add me up on fb.

    siddy sid

  7. Bro, i have alot of questions to ask about Vespa. Am riding a PX150. Need some help with things on bike. Do bomb me back. And your ride is awesome. *thumbs up!*

  8. http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs794.ash1/168490_10150125597571522_721981521_7867982_4346544_n.jpg this is wat happen in PSK KL
  9. dude.. my hotmail rosak.. so i give my measurement here..

    chest circumference : 80cm

    back length : 42cm

    seleeve : 58cm

    waist : 31cm

    cuff: 20 cm..

    hopefulli u can help me here.. i tink 2xs uh..

  10. beb, i wanna get ready for werk. get back to u again. til i find a mac-msn. haha

  11. wakakaka... since when scooter dudes have "design"??!! wakaka... mepekk sak ni budak... pikir ni ape matrip crew pe!! wakakak
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