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  1. Just my thought. Could be wiring problem usually around the wire harness area that curve up from under the tank to the head lamp portion. Because of regular use turning the handle, the wiring inside the harness tend to be stretch and bend and as the wires gets older and becomes brittle, the tenancy of partial wire strands breaking is common. I had this issue and so are a few others in the past that I have known. Also..check your wire termination of the red and black connectors are firmly tighten to the battery. That causes the same problem too.
  2. "starts blinking in very low speed"..yes, this is usually the case when heat from hot coolant build up too quickly. When fab cuts on too often..this are tell tale sign that coolant system is not doing well. Since u mentioned rust before..this is due to previous owner or bike shop uses tap water with coolant which is not recommended as it will cause the radiator to rust. Currently, I believe ur cooling system flow is very restricted in flow and add on to it, traveling at low speed does not bring front forceful air to the radiator fins..so to say, it's the rust in within the radiator flow piping
  3. Either your thermostat is jammed with rust and is stuck thus coolant trapped and not circulating. Also..if your coolant pump impeller blades are rusted and broken off..there is no sufficient flow. Go Planet Motor..Ah Chong can verify and confirm.
  4. Ha...3! Yah. How are you..what big monster bike u riding now mannn?
  5. Go to Planet Motor and look for Ah Chong..he should be familiar with such problem. Could be faulty neutral switch near under the side stand that may need replacement or rev sensor faulty.
  6. Take off your seat. Take the left cover off and you see a small black plastic fuse box. Squeeze the catch and open the box. You see there is a label on the back of the cover indicating which fuse for what function. As for your case..bike won't start is your "iginition" and the "signal pole lights, speedometer light and speedometer"..all is another fuse. This are red in color code and mean 5 AMPs rating only..just have them replaced. Look carefully if u have unused spare fuses inside..normally there is one or two..depends. If do not have..take out the last end fuse which is for "fan"..use that
  7. May not be easy to find but if you get Ver S..most of the wire by colour code is the same. Have to check around with some of the bike shop..or perhaps asked themt o source for you. If worst comes to the worst..you can start rewiring wires by wires by cutting off the part of the hardness just before the portion that near the handle bar stem where when u turn the handle..that harness moves and get stretch and broke. You have to use new wires of your own just to repair one by one following the colour code. Tedious process but solve the problem. For your problem..it is likely the starter switch wi
  8. Hi Ah pek..I`m new in singaporebike forum..can pm your location and how much for EO servicing?..my no. 91065365 thanks

  9. Ah pek, i wanna try your engine oil leh, can contact me at 97541534, thanks.

  10. Frtom what I know..there is no difference between a 5oth anniversary Ver S to another other Version S4 except for the paint work and the badge. So to say..all parts shared are similar.
  11. For most carrier boxes..they usually comes with a sitting mount bracket for the box. If it's not a standard stock fit..you have to customized it to fix. Just bring your stuff and go to Seng Kwan at AMK Auto Point..they can do it but price not cheap.
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