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  1. i agree wif u bro, tis thread used to be quite active but cant deny family life takes first priority n personal interest changes. FB also now plays a big part in most ppl life. bro if im not wrong the usual suspects stil retain the same hp no. so can stil try.
  2. bro no point postin in here cos only d 3 of us sees it. Rather u try sms them.
  3. i think it shud b "accidentally", u missed out the inverted commas...lol. Bet the accidental twist made the bike really surge forward effortlessly.
  4. bro tats for now only...once run in period over u'll b itching 2 c wat ur babe can do wif d twist of d wrist. yup ask aie where 2 eat n he knows cos frm d looks of it he has been going ard SG either by himself, family or his kakis 2 makan
  5. err but i duno hw 2 gv directions 2 d place cos i dun even know where it is so hw 2 send out sms bro looks like u kinda went into hibernation jus like d rest of us
  6. yo sis i doubt any1 wil reply in d thread as u can c its quite dead...so guess send sms out 2 d usual groupie
  7. wah seh nice helmet leh. true tat helmet color scheme more suits my ride
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