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  1. Sad sia. This thread used to be so active. Just like MSR thread in Sportsbikes Section. Now both threads like ghost town liao. All busy with own personal lives or has Facebook taken over their interest??? :confused:


    i agree wif u bro, tis thread used to be quite active but cant deny family life takes first priority n personal interest changes. FB also now plays a big part in most ppl life.


    Want to contact also problem. some change no some don't have, In the pass this is basically the tools for making arrangement for meetup. now all FB already. ha. will try check out.


    bro if im not wrong the usual suspects stil retain the same hp no. so can stil try.

  2. Actually, I accidentally over twist the wrist a few times liao... :lol:

    Makan only. I put on weight like nobody's business. Telechubby sia... :sian:


    i think it shud b "accidentally", u missed out the inverted commas...lol. Bet the accidental twist made the bike really surge forward effortlessly.

  3. Where got? Still running in leh. 80km/h only... :lol:

    bro tats for now only...once run in period over u'll b itching 2 c wat ur babe can do wif d twist of d wrist.


    For steak, strongly recommend Botak's Favourites at Tang Tea House, Simpang Bedok... :slurp: :thumb:

    yup ask aie where 2 eat n he knows cos frm d looks of it he has been going ard SG either by himself, family or his kakis 2 makan :p

  4. Nope. All went stealth mode liao... :sian:


    i come out of stealth mode :p...aiyo i tot tis thread dead aldy n no 1 comes in here anymore but im surprised richard n u kinda chattin here. some1 got d latest zx10 n is now faster den my r1

  5. Starting to recce for new bike liao...:smile:


    hahaha...bro u resurrected the thread frm the dead :p


    Wah wat bike r u setting ur eyes on now since u could only dream abt the bmw....going for a kawa??

  6. Starting to recce for new bike liao...:smile:


    hahaha...bro u resurrected the thread frm the dead :p


    Wah wat bike r u setting ur eyes on now since u could only dream abt the bmw....going for a kawa??

  7. It was fun even though only 4 of us turned up. Just goes to prove that it is the quality time spent together and not the quantity of riders turnout that matters. So (in my nasal voice), "Speed! Speed! When is the next meet up???" :cheeky:


    yup jus only 4 of us turned up but had a barrel of laughs cos i guess its been a real long time since we last met. alamak bro u stil wana "Spid Spid" but sadly its gona b sometime b4 i can meet up wif u guys again...

  8. Before FB all on the road , no need come here , all used handphone


    wel guess fb has taken every1 into their site aldy....veri soon tis thread gona close down. now aldy accumulated lots n lots of cob webs :dozed:

  9. See what I mean? Nowadays wanna jio you out very the difficult. I'm actually going for a track session this Sunday. Next Sunday, cannot cos the following Monday, school reopens liao...:sian:


    aiya like u said b4 mah bro...d track wun run away :angel:


    what a lovely couple aie and alf. always caring for one another feelings and thoughts


    wat 2 do bro...d rest rarely come into d thread or either tat they all hv switched 2 FB :dot:

  10. We go tomorrow, ai mai? Provided the weather permits, of course...:deal:


    2mrw go where? u mean track...weekdays not possible lah...sundays can try squeeze time out 2 go play but not tis sunday :cheeky:

  11. Dunno about everyone but I'm still around. More interesting question is where have you been? Lately every time jio you out, cannot make it...:sian:


    sorry lah bro...different kind of life style now. most of d time work until tired also sian 2 go out. as 4 track mayb got chance 2 go play play :cheeky:

  12. For me see BF rider otr all riding very fast. I the only slow poke BF rider. Hhaha!


    somehow i find tat veri hard 2 believe u a slow poke rider :cheeky:



    Today saw one black spec 1 fs plate with bf colour titanium dual at unique motorsports (toh guan) but didnt get to c the owner.


    That's my bike.... goin to view it later....


    had a feeling it wud b u bro....hope they re-did up d repair nicely tis time :thumb:

  13. hello everyone , yes i proud new daddy , wah the sleepless nite , the tiredness. no joke man


    btw bro wats d name of ur kid?


    also i guess endi's wife wud hv given birth aldy rite?

  14. Here mine with the group. We have SS, Satin, Col-Titanium and CF in the pic. Titianium is not in the pic otherwise we have a full house for all the S4 end cans with a BlackBird hidding in the middle. hahaha


    wah lucky i din push my R1 among ur bikes cos i din wash yet... wait ppl say not pai seh dirty bike also wana take photo :cheeky:....wahahaha

  15. Alf, this Sunday PG. Ai mai??? :deal:


    alamak n i tot coming exam period u will b busy instead can jio me 4 track session :cheeky:...however sorry lah bro, tis sunday i aldy got plans.

    looks like u season track goer aldy hor...kena HOOKED!!!

  16. hello !!! it has been real quiet man !! i have to find this thread right at last of the 2nd page man !!! kapala / kapala 2IC ! any movement this friday ? haha


    wah seh....d thread went to page 3 lah!!! wel i guess every1 is busy wif their own thing...work, family & loved 1s :thumb:


    richard - kepala is now officially branded as a DADDY :angel: thus his quietness in tis thread :p

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