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  1. my ninja 250r got recalled in April this year. Received a letter from evershine stating that it is due to Vehicle Down Sensor. Have yet to get it done as i'm unsure if they require u to leave ur bike there
  2. hey what camera did u use to catch bad road user? is it mounted on bike one?

  3. want to know her facebook account just ask directly.

  4. hi Don here. just wanted to compare info about the ninja 400r. cld we contact thru facebook since i'm seldom on the forums already? Don CJ Huan, search me up.

  5. i also have the same problem. bike super difficult to start when i dun ride for 2 days. my mechanic told that if i wanna have a easier time starting the bike, he can adjust the fuel intake (as though pulling choke) but on the condition that i have to sacrifice my fuel consumption (in other words, higher FC). it might not be the problem of the spark plug or battery. probably u can verify what i've said with ur own mechanic cuz i have yet to try the above mentioned method
  6. usually, the mech will take the carb out and clean it with petrol. engine wise i'm not sure
  7. well, it depends on individual. cuz i dun usually use my rear brake so i rely on engine braking and need more braking power for the front
  8. ur reasons? it is just nice for any 2b-2a bikes, not overkill. previously bought it at $90
  9. hi guys, the brembo 16mm master cylinder is worth buying if u have spare cash http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/327631-WTS-Brembo-16mm-Master-Cylinder-amp-TYGA-Performance-front-fender.
  10. i did my exhaust protector at Bt Merah Juzz Wheelz
  11. ytd saw a spark with leo vince sbk exhaust. the colour of the header is silver matt, so nice
  12. i think should be normal. probably it's just the sound of the engine running
  13. i dun think so. if clearing old stocks, they shouldnt limit it to 5 sets per model. will probably try the new Michelin Pilot Sporty not much, only $11 cheaper
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