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  1. Selling 2013 Tmax 530 Date register: Dec 2013 WTS Yamaha TMAX 2013 Akraprovic street legal exhaust with Tmax logo embedded R&G exhaust guard Hepco & Becker Top box with Seng Kwang rack Nicely concealed Full HD Front/Rear camera. Carbon Hugger Dimotiv engine cover Dimotiv big foot Radiator guard Malossi air filter Hella Horn Steel mate Tyre pressure gauge Maloussi brake disc Front/Rear with EBC brake pads Acerbis lever guard Yamaha Sport Short Windshield Yuasa battery changed on 18-Aug-17 Belt Pulley and bearing changed on 24-Aug-17 Denso iridium plug
  2. saw today newspaper on the accident at PIE.. the pic shown a cbr 600 hanspree skidded and collided with the car. hope the rider is all right.. Ride safe
  3. can quote me the price for 3 bottles Motul 300V + 4 NGK Iridium spark plugs + oil filter for cbr 600
  4. any promotion for driven front and rear socket and did x-ring for cbr 600
  5. wat the available carbon part for cbr 600
  6. Thanks bro!!! Tmr you wnana join us for outing?? mixture of cbr 6, r6, Ks...

  7. Upz fo Slize

  8. u wan to xchange with me ?? actually i'm looking at dark screen double bubble, but i dun mind view ur light smoked. may be dun mind xchange, when u free, set a date to view
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