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  1. Hey Juvena, any idea how I can join the SBF Lady Riders Forum?



  2. Hey thr, m i able to ride a scrambler when my ht is only 1.53m? any idea wads the mst reasonable price of a scrambler?

  3. hi... yes i stay at tenaga there.... u r???

  4. hey you,


    i think i've seen you around tenaga area..

  5. hey!did you get your license this year? Cause i remember meeting a lady, whose name was also juvena, when I was getting my license at SSDC (:

  6. juvena

    hey hey.... nice meeting you at orchard cine just now. wish you all the best in sydney yah. :)

  7. heyy yeah she realli love vespas..

    n i tink it makes economical sense too..

    well,yeah guess i'll leave it to her to decide:)

    thks lots for ur reply yea!

    take care!

  8. hi hi, yeah, i ride a vespa(and dirtbike). most mums definitely shake their heads at the thought of their daughter riding. call me a rebel! i went ahead to enroll even though my mum told me not to.

    the decision to ride ultimately still boils down to how bad she wants it. for me, i did it mainly its because i fell in love with vespa and yearn to ride one. the feeling being in control of a machine and having it bring you to wherever you want is pricelss! you ride, so you should know right? maybe let her try riding your bike or something, see how she likes it?

  9. wow u ride a scoot?my gf wants to get a scoot too but her mum is lyk kinda dun allow..haha tho i encourage her to take license first..

    just curious..any ideas how to win her over?:D

    onli reason i hav for her is dat its more feasible to ride to sch for convenience sake..

  10. appropriate times comes for appropriate jokes. You don't joke about how someone dies at his/her wake. You don't joke about how a person doesn't look after his/her health when they fall critically ill at the hospital. You don't joke about dog cats horses being food when we are trying to help them. No worries. Noah's Ark is not out to make profit from these visits. It is set up out of altruism for unwanted animals. If they have other ideas, why would people still send their beloved pets there when they can no longer keep them? (not because they don't want the animal but due to them movin
  11. we have shirl making an effort to organise a meaningful event to contribute to animal welfare causes. applauds to that. on the other hand, some of you are making mockery of this effort. are you doing anything better than that? if you have no constructive suggestions to contribute, i suggest you keep those morbid thoughts to yourself. some of the animals there have been through lots of **** due to human negligence and cruelty. let's appreciate and respect them for having come through those and now able to live their final years in freedom and peace. if animals are deemed merely as fo
  12. sorry moderator, i'm too overwhelmed with emotions that i post it in the wrong section, it should be in the Clips and Motion Thread
  13. Please be warned that some of the clips show images of dead animals. It is about the fate of animals surrendered to shelter. Born to Die Shelther Excerpt Windows Media - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/shelter_video_wm.htm Quicktime - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/shelter_video.htm Dr. Death Windows Media - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/doctor_death_wm.htm Quicktime - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/doctor_death_video.htm Multiplying Cats Windows Media - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/multiplying_cats_video_wm.htm Quicktime - http://www.borntodiepets.com/html/mult
  14. i go back my helmet already. they managed to fix it for me and agree to just sell me one missing nut for my helmet which usually come in pairs as spare parts. i checked MOMO Design website that chiap lee is the distributor for singapore. i intend to get buy more momo helmets in future. do any body knows where else sells momo.
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