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  1. Hi, is your yamaha tmax 500 sports screen still available ?

    Thanks, can msg me at 90992011.

  2. Hi all, I'm selling my year 2011 kawasaki W800 (green), one of the first few on the roads back then. Comes with a few accessories, panniers, corbin seat and high handle bar set up like W650. Expecting a cash deal or find own finance. Interested people, please drop me a msg to discuss. I can be reach at 90992011. Viewing is encourage before any negotiation made. Do help to spread the word around. Thanks all.
  3. Hi,

    I'm very interested in your sale,

    pls get back to me @ 90992011

    Many thanks!

  4. Care to share where are they spotted ? Would like to take a peep too..
  5. Not this one, bro. The one I saw comes with a top box & no crash bar.
  6. Hi, For everyone info, Saw a Black colour, FBB plate Kawasaki W400 selling @ this Glen enterprise pte ltd, 1100/1102 serangoon rd. $7800, machine.. Cheers,
  7. Hi there, anyone know where i can get this front fender number plate frame thingy that most vintage bikes have ? The metal looking type. Pls advice, thank you !
  8. hi hi, anyone changing their W650 to W800 ? I'm still looking for the W650, anyone selling ? Many thanks !
  9. Hi, Anyone selling their Kawasaki W650 or Honda CB400F NC36 ? or happen to know anyone that is selling, please input. Thanks !
  10. bro, sorry to hear that, lots of passion is needed to bring in back to life again. hope to hear some good stuffs from you soon.
  11. hi, anyone think this is a good buy ? http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=262414
  12. Hi bro, care to share where to find that CB 550, AT 7823 D in your first pic ? & Pricing ? It looks pretty nice. Many thanks !
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