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    8-10 Aug 09 Betong Ride

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    10-12 April 2009 Sungai Lembing

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    19-21Mar 09 Hatyai

  4. Date: 8th-9th March 2008 Time: To Be Confirm (Most Probably 12pm) Meeting Venue: GP Petronas Location: Kukup Organiser: Hachi Travelling Speed: 80km/hr (pls bear wif Sonic cruising speed ) Lead bike should cheeko as he knew the shortest way there. Cost: 80-100rm depending on number of people going. Will whack more rockets this time. 1. Hachi 2. AhGui 3. Cheeko 4. Francis 5. Weilun 6. Hippo 7. dun + wife (already apply leave) 8. aub 9. ahshin
  5. Details of which are as follows: This is in appreciation for those who spent their precious time and effort in his touring to Malaysia. Organizer: Acesiew ( last for him to be the organizer) What to expect: Free Flow of Chickens at Kallang KFC Date : 15 Feb 08 ( This coming Friday ) Meet Time : 9pm (Be punctual,any later we may have problems getting seats) *Please note that Ace is organizing a feast of all of us. P.S: We have lost a wonderful touring commrad. Touring Kakis List Status List 1) dixion 2) Hachi 3) Qranc21 4) Hippo 5) Pinkchick 6) Duncan 7) Tec + selpine
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