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  1. Hi Andy, are you able to grant me to access to post used gears? Thanks.

  2. hi is ur CBR still on sale? if yes please quote me ur selling price that u willing to let go thank =]

  3. eh qiang remember mi?? i ah pui fren?? that time ask u fix the led lights for mi de..


    haha u know how to do for pgm4 anot.. coz i buying pgm.. and u still got do lights for sp coz i got myself another sp.. so means i got 2 bikes for u o do.. and my camp many pple say my lights v chio.. wanna ask u do so how??? u wanna do anot?? if u want reply mi then tell mi wat is the price u expect.. can??? thanks ar..

  4. bro you do angel eyes how much for krr ? wad colours u have?

  5. ronnie, ur msg has been deleted.. dun anyhow.. other time den say! lols!

  6. skinny freak.. haaas!

  7. Happy birthday eva..!

  8. chey, i tok who sia.. hahaha

  9. QIANG QIANG !!! hahaha. fu213X here. haha.

  10. u riding x9? impossbile it will melt, unless u use wrong rod
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