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  1. Upzzz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Upzzzzz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bro, sorry for the late reply my fork spring is FZ 6

  4. Anyone here can share more abt valve clearance?? What are the signs and mileage to lookout for
  5. Thanks for all the sharing guys!
  6. Hey bro.. Mind sharing what's yr mileage Like before hitting reserve.. Mine is abt 210-220. Fz1n 2007 here
  7. Alright.. Will post pics once the damage is done up
  8. I went to my usual shop at yishun... been doing up my bikes there. so i trust the mech
  9. haha. another add-on for yr beast. I checked out with my mech. he said the chip can be done up... =)
  10. haha mine looked more jialat sia... Btw i just came back from KL. Nice trip. =)
  11. Hi Chewelvin, the bike is still available~... pls view it in the weekends~... call me at 90040121~.. ^^

  12. Hi do u have 2nd hand LV 4road for vespa gt200? What's the 1st hand price? Thx
  13. hey bro wats yr best price for the hjc.. im interested. i saw another post... new too but different design he quote me 90

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