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  1. i plan for ur life for life........kekeke....
  2. How are u ambasnakeman? Ur dad still riding the green honda wave?
  3. i plan for ur life for life........kekeke....
  4. help me buy a crumpler back leh!! its cheap & good
  5. Bike at so young age kena operation liao. The bike duno can live till old age or not no worries, as long as mouth noe how to talk & accept lower pay can already, job duno how to do also never mind, am i right guys? it happens all the time everywhere
  6. http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/8249/pict0006resizesw5.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8730/p1011681resizeeq6.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8480/p1011682resizeit2.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/6315/p1011683resizefh5.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/1995/p1011684resizewq6.jpg http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8805/p1011685resizejc8.jpg
  7. Date: 8th-9th March 2008 Time: To Be Confirm (Most Probably 12pm) Meeting Venue: GP Petronas Location: Kukup Organiser: Hachi Travelling Speed: 80km/hr (pls bear wif Sonic cruising speed ) Lead bike should cheeko as he knew the shortest way there. Cost: 80-100rm depending on number of people going. Will whack more rockets this time. 1. Hachi 2. AhGui 3. Cheeko 4. Francis 5. Weilun 6. Hippo 7. dun + wife (already apply leave) 8. aub 9. ahshin 10.jasonfz6 11. kazuhiko 12. Cheeko fren 13. Cheeko fren my 2 frens loves curry, especially devil's curry
  8. No one is indispensible nowadays. Anyone can do the job at cheaper price. If need my help to do part time, i can help at half price, ur boss sure hire me
  9. yes, when rev up no problem. But example during idling it will flicker. For cheap HS halogen bulb its ok, but HIDs ballast/bulb is too costly for me to let it flicker. The sound is damn scary,machiam like electrical arcing sound. lan lan have to dismantle it for the time being
  10. tats y i curious to ask has anybody successfully install on a Honda Wave? I have even add relay liao But the HIDs HS bulb flicker like siao
  11. No worries, I can help take over ur slot, just let me noe its my personal collection. The dolls very cute. I not selling
  12. i still have the aftermarket short wind screen for the tmax, anybody here interested?!!
  13. Programmes Bachelor's Programmes Bachelor of Business (Management)*- Full-time / Part-time awarded by RMIT University Briefing Registration - Mar 7 / Mar 8 / Apr 17 *This programme title replaces the Bachelor of Business (Business Administration) A fully accredited Australian undergraduate university degree The degree is identical to that awarded to on-campus students in Melbourne A broad-based business management programme with the option to specialise in human resource management, business finance, marketing, entrepreneurship (full-time only) Capability-Driven Curric
  14. let's say if i have the intention to start or run a business in the future. Which is a relevant degree course to take from SIM? The list below is taken from SIM website. 1 more question is y full-time business degree from RMIT need 3years to complete, but part time only need to take 2-1/2year to complete instead, is it part time cut short along of notes/modules. Some more part time is cheaper also Fees (The fee covers lectures, examinations, class tests but excludes textbooks, repeat fee and SIM membership fee. ) Full-time Programme S$31,843.20 (3 years) S$21,228.80 (2 years wit
  15. my honda wave original light is flicking, after try to install HIDs, it will light up, but the way it is flickering is damn scary, sooner or later ballast or bulb sure to spoil tats y i quickly had it dismantle...... now back to stock bulbs. But my big bike ok though
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