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  1. orange... i wan your fork!!!! lol.. your fork straight one right? no dent hor? the engine block reserved ar? let me know when it's available..
  2. orange-: i wan your piston! or is tat considered under engine block? your speedo also can.. =)
  3. i tink you better take to your mech... maybe is not the fork.. maybe is the brake disc rubbing against your brake pad...
  4. eh.. anyone here knows put neon light, angel eyes etc... all these kena summon how much ar?
  5. haha.. shiok rite.. the feeling totally different lar.. wah lao bro.. dun chong me xia sway lar.. LOL....
  6. hahaha.. tempting lehs.. if in front of you got one evo 9 you sure gian also wad.. if not got one civic you also wan mah..
  7. no choice.. not i want to buy one.. i also cannot get to choose... i share the car with my fren.. he chut money.. i chut my support.. lol.. then we share the car mah.. that's why i always ride bike.. i thing to note also.. i no cls 3... LOL! hope no tp see ar i got drive b4 lar.. but nearby nearby only.. dun dare go far.. expressway also dun dare enter... but now cls 3 soon i guess...
  8. haha.. sky.. wah lao.. you got soo many ppl to date lor.. orange... sauce.. all of them lar... cannot arh...evo eat a lot of petrol.... damn waste money... pump one time can pump my bike 1 month...
  9. bro.. you not the only one.. hahaha..
  10. haha.. also make use wad.. LOL.. nvm.. i take my evo IX chase you all... lol.. another "du yan long"
  11. lol.. sky make use of ppl only lor
  12. haha.. cannot do liddat larh.. later everyone's msn suddenly got ppl add.. then somemore not from s'goon one.. liddat alot of ppl's confidential info out sia.. HAHAHA...
  13. sky: aiya.. nowhere to go mahs.. nth to do also.. stay at home very sian.. then go there sit sit.. who knew got no one also..
  14. ya lor.. that's why.. i took at cdc also.. haha.. the cdc instructors most of them quite nice lar.. gurmit taking 2b? maybe for a show lor.. hahaha.. imagine him riding that ybr.... tsk tsk...
  15. lol.. rtt is the killer lar.. not tp.. hahaha
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