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  1. Coe till 2024 late dec. Condition 9/10. Serviced regularly. Accident free. Mileage 40000+++km. Non abs. fully paid. Comes with accessories + HB crash bar + BMW handgrips + main stand + NC radiator guard + Givi box + front rear cam. Good for daily commuting. Good FC achieved 420km+ for 14.1LTR full tank. Pm me or msg me 97358829 if interested. Cheers!
  2. hi can I order one front number plate sticker from u? FBJ9267L. can contact me at 97358829.

  3. hi

    how to go to unique motosport shop? whwere isit?

  4. ur number plate around the same number as me.. thank me lo.. i was the one who told u wat haha...
  5. eh wa all take 2a then become 13pts liao lei.. don pang sei me la wait for me HAHA...
  6. there is alot of spark riders here.. if u wanna haf a gathering and org 1 u can either post at outing thread or spark portal.
  7. organise after march 12 and b4 april!!
  8. DON BUY FRM JB!!!!!!!!!! cox they don haf spare parts for tat! they sure use spark de and hence it will make spoil ur gear meter. u can try if u wan to LOL.
  9. OK good idea.. my exams oso coming soon liao so need to study.
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