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  1. Anyone ?? friends?? relatives ?? looking for a small powerful IBM T60 Thinkpad??? :cheeky: For Sale....
  2. Looks GooOOod... KKz... I will PM you if there is any extra.. should be ba.. quite alot left.. Hmm... I dunno leh bro... Revo... seriously never touch before.. I stay in Clementi.. Do PM me if you would like to drop by.. Will take note of the measurements.. Doing my bit.. You making me Blush.... :cheeky: HAHAHA... its you arh... Your one special case... Must treat me Arnold's... Cause yours is Xiao^Bai... LOL... Pass it to you the next time round...
  3. Hello everyone, I just got my spec 1 today. There is this little thing i noticed, its that due to the wear and tear of the bike, the headlamp's cover is so yellowish and its started to blur up from the bottom... I was thinking of changing it to the spec 3 headlamp. looks nicer.. Any seniors can advice on where to get it, and how much it cost ? Wiring and electrical still working well... just wanna change the cover. Thanks a million... :angel:
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