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  1. saw some 2nd hand 06r6 at bukit merah with some acces like DB n sliders. went in and ask machine price is around 13.5k to 15k. fully stock 2nd hand r606 with zero acces haven saw b4 any at shop =)
  2. i feel that just ride with confidence is the most important.
  3. oh ya, don speed and don drag gears althought the bike is not yours LOL... just ride like a safety nerd. be a nerd for once n get it pass once n for all.
  4. act like a nerd but ride with confidence.last time i went for 2a lessons ,i use they bbdc ugly helmet n ugly glove. although i ride to bbdc with my full face n my own leather glove, i still don use them during lessons. lock them up in a locker.wear normal jeans and jacket or t-shirt. just keep low profile to reduce attention. just ride with confidence.
  5. think just for changing EO there should not be a problem . but don let them touch other parts of your cls2 bike. agree that there are chances of getting rob.. go with some groups of friends, and for sure u must be beside of your bike all the time while the shop is working out with your bike..
  6. i have a friend who done up his sp mosty at jb xing hock, the mechi told me that their shop can only affort to get spare parts for 2 stroke bike, 4 stroke bike's parts are too ex for them to buy in. and he told me that big bikes need computer to program their cdi or so and they also cannot affort the money to get *technogoy stuff. from what my friends say in AGL xing hock and hoe heng not bad...
  7. thanks all, i know how to go to lab but just helping my friend to find out the actural address.. guide provided from u all think will help my friend out:angel:
  8. sorry to all, i know this qns had been ask b4 but i really cant find the web link. may someone help me that where is LIM AH BOY? i mean the actual whole address. please and thanks alot alot =)
  9. hello all r6 riders i am wondering where to buy this 2 kind of exhaust in sinapore. are they street or non street ? is only the end can or is a full system? is it possible to fit those cool exhaust's end can onto stock header? i love those cool exhaust but i know nuts about them. hope to learn some thing from u guys thanks 1st>>>> and 2nd >>>
  10. thanks to hkl , lucky they open of sunday. once my poor bike broke down on a sat night, and tow to hkl on sunday morning n they fix it up. and monday monring i have to go back camp.. thanks to hkl:thumb:
  11. for 600cc, althought i don ride any of them.. i prefer r6 06 or above. looks fierce and sexy..cbr6 is cool with undersit exhaust...gsx6..hmm.. i don like the headlight, maybe some like it.. some info from my friends riding 600s, most of the 600s(talking about r6, gsx6,cbr6) don have much of a diff in performence, less the out look. get a bike u fall in love of your first sight. go with your heart:thumb:
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