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  1. Greetings two wheels,


    I am interested in the Piaggio MP3 as a bike for the next 3 to 5 years would appreciate if you can share your experiences with the MP3 400cc. Hope you can help me answer this questions.


    1) How much is the cost of the MP3 400cc? Is the price difference with the 250cc and the 125cc version alot.


    2) Average Monthly/Bi-monthly servicing cost?


    3) Financing - Does Piaggio Singapore have a financing scheme or can I use another loan to pay for it? If PS does have financing how is the interest (I am aware that it will be high most bike shops are, but is it very very high).


    Thanks for you assistance in this matter. Just to share with you I, I am currently riding a Dealim Daystar and would like to change it.




  2. Greetings


    Is your Nolan Helmet still availiable? If it is, is it PSB approved?


    Thank you.

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