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  1. Hey bro. I saw a post saying that youve got a vrod up for trade? Came accross your mind to sell it instead?

  2. Hi all harley bros, any of you selling off your night rod special or vrod? Looking to get one of the muscle cruiser. Preferably year 2009 to 2011 model. Pm me if you are! Cheers and ride safe!
  3. Any friendly riders out there willing to share? I'm riding a 1997 XLH Hugger and running on chain but i'm thinking of changing it back to belt drive but it costs a bomb. Any recommendations?
  4. hi guys, i've recently gotten a 1996 harley. Looking for a good and reliable workshop to service my bike. Any recommendations? Was thinking of going back to Rosli as i always go there for my shadow. Any advise?
  5. hey there, regarding my pan seat, i fabricated & made it myself. (:

  6. bro, can i check where did you get your pan seat from?

  7. hi ,


    letting go as a set with drag bar at 80.


  8. bro, how much are you selling the risers for?

  9. bro, where did you get your ape hanger from?

  10. hey bro, selling your steed? interested. any pics? and more info of your steed? sms me at 98361258

  11. bro ahweebbq, do you stay in bukit batok st25 there? near yusof ishak sec... cos i saw your bike at the multi story carpark once cos it raining. if thats you... do pm alright? :D

  12. hey yo bro, where u change ur rear winkers? DIY ? ani idea where can i change the speedometers lighting system? or adding led lights? thanks bro~

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