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  1. initially I aslo like the keyless thing but after I heard ah cong's negative comment , I think twice. But it is still good to have keyless.


    He told me we still need to take out the remote to press activate, then press ignition button on the bike , then squeeze brake lever and button same time den engine get started


    same thing when off engine. after press the centre big button to off engine, we still need to deactivate engine one more time at the remote itself, so as to say, we still need to take out remote to press deactivate to lock our bike. correct me if I am wrong.

    You can leave the remote on all the way.. No issue. The remote will auto off after a few days

  2. Yup, still need to use physical key to open the fuel tank cap which to me is okay as it not a daily thing like starting engine which i think is a great thing to do without. Hopefully Yamaha will explore more into it but they lack of the technology as even the tmax keyless if by Mitsubishi now.




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    Yeah.. The thing that I don't like it there now they provide just one keyless key.. If you lost it you will have a hard time replacing it.

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