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  1. Hi bro, welcome. I also bought my HD not long ago.
  2. I think we have to get used to the heat, bro... I also just got my bike recently..
  3. Oh... haha... now I know which one. Will it cause the pipe to rust over time? http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/07/07/je7e8avu.jpg
  4. You can check with juzzwheelzz.
  5. Nice bike bro. Is that the exhaust wrap?
  6. Other than harley website, any other brands' sites recommend for accessories? Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  7. Omfg... Why are they so hardworking??
  8. Bro, paiseh... If I can join you guys, I will message you...
  9. Sounds bad. I've test ride it last sat, feeling is good leh. Powerful bike, don't feel much vibration during idling, but handling is abit tight for me especially u-turn... ride it on the road quite shiok, drivers stare at the bike until they almost crash the front car....
  10. Anyone has blackline softail or has test ride it before? How u find this bike??
  11. 883 iron - 21,700 nightster - 24,500, 24,890 48 - 25,900
  12. Btw Night rod special and muscle, which one you guys prefer? I am in the dilemma, stuck in btw these 2.
  13. Thanks for the valuable tips.
  14. Wahh.. That Knn so desperate to shift your bike to park in the lot... Your place must be either full of bikes or the lots are limited...
  15. Wah... Where to get spike and how to mount it on the seat? That's new to me.
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