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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried bidding $2 for COE today but was outbid. The magic hand came into operation at the last min and the price soar to $2,500 Nevertheless, it's a $1400 decease. For everyone's info, i made some calls and visited Alexandra motor shops for a while Have my eyes on SYM Joyride 200 as Ban Hock Hin sales man said this is a MAXI scooter (maxi = bigger = premium) Called and checked for SYM Joyride 200: Bike production - no stocks for scooter, call next week (no sincerity to make business, don't even quote) Ban Hock Hin - $6300 (without COE, insurance) New Sou
  2. Gonna sell my car. *sob* Been away from SG riding scene for nearly 10 years and is intending to return with a scooter. Got some refresher riding experience in overseas so worry not. Important question is which 2B scooter to buy? Am considering SYM, Kymco downtown 200i, Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS. Key considerations: - Cost - Low maintenance cost - Reliability Basically just need a hassle free transport. What do you say my friend? If you have some other scooter in mind kindly share too.
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