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  1. lol.. which biker seriously follows this forming up rule. isn't the biker creed: 'got space, don't waste'? this creed helps reduce the wait time at traffic lights. if every bike formed up properly to turn right, every junction will be jammed. whoever reported your 'offense', tp or not, is ... ... karma works in mysterious ways. one day, he will be fined for this exact same move try appealing, if it fails, pay the fine & continue the usual right turn forming up, 'biker style' if you look, tp cars / bikes have greatly reduced in numbers. but they make up for it with tech. cams are now
  2. Thanks for sharing your info bro! how does the vlx600 exhaust sound compared to the native 400? every yr when i do the temporary swap, it sounds quieter than a cat can hear. there's no way im returning to the native 400.. lol. how much r you looking at for your 400 pipe? haha still here. m nearing 10yrs with this steed. seldom see another on the road nowadays, cos of an incentive scrapping scheme by nea (https://www.nea.gov.sg/programmes-grants/grants-and-awards/incentive-to-de-register-older-motorcycles). even workshops find it easier to scrap for 3.5k than trying to sell. a real pity cons
  3. found this place after more digging. this is most prob the dirt bike rental company @ ulu choh area https://www.facebook.com/motoruggedmx/
  4. Thanks Bro! I have a feeling his rental is most likely from d!r7state. please pop back here if you find out!
  5. Thanks lots Bro! any further info on rentals @ ulu choh area? any idea if they rent gear as well.. it would be great to try out, as my ride is far from a dirt bike. starting to learn wheelies with a bicycle to get a small taste of dirt biking. still not 100% sure if it will fall into my 'passion' area. buying a dirt bike & gear will be a high fee just to find out it's not I emailed the ulu choh group. didn't get any reply. seems like they are only occasionally active when organising events. t4!st7n is a no go from the reviews. seems like they r trying to brush up recently via sponsored
  6. From some web searching, I see only Ulu Choh dirt park (listed on google maps) And some others mentioned on a blog. However I am unable to get exact locations. Any clues to how to get to these places? Nusajaya (legoland area) Plentong (slight clue to general area, but not exact, from tr!st^n p5rk website) Dato-Onn (flat area) Also, any dirt bikers looking to do weekday, day trips?
  7. I'm still riding my trusty old steed for almost 10 yrs! time flies.. getting old liao. my steed is 21yrs old. younger than me! very reliable engine. usual wear & tear replacement as per all things in life. steeds are getting rarer on the roads these days Bro any issues with performance & annual inspection with the pipe?
  8. your best course of action is to lodge a police report at the nearest neighbourhood police station immediately
  9. Hi bro, I just found this section. posted a similar question in the track sub-forum There's ulu choh dirt park 1 hour away in JB, which I gather so far to be open to public I'm still some distance from dirt biking. my ride is a cruiser. any recommendations for a value dirt bike? I'm looking to do this long term & have 10yrs road experience. I aim to buy a bike & not have to upgrade later. do you ride a scrambler? KTM 400 good for this purpose?
  10. Hi motocross riders! for strange reasons, I do not see any motocross / ulu choh dirt park / DirtState / dirt parks related threads any one been to such places? it seems from the ulu choh dirt park facebook page that it is maintained by motocross enthusiasts. does this mean it is open 24/7 to the public? I also see there's DirtState who offers guided trips riding oil palm plantation dirt tracks at Kota Tinggi. I'm leaning more towards ulu choh, which has 'obstacles' I do not own scrambler. hoping to rent one, but it seems ulu choh does not rent. Any recommendations for dirt bike rental
  11. Hi all who have done it, I'm looking to learn maintenance, by practicing taking a bike apart & putting it back together. it's part of a plan to do long motorcycle trips in the future, that will require hands on when the bike breaks down along the way What is the best value, bike model to do this? I have seen guys refurbishing honda nighthawks into cafe races. however, it seems to be rare with noone selling these days. are the 'classics' like rxk & rxz good choices for my purposes?
  12. Hey there! No problems, glad you benefited from it :) Happy lunar new year to you!

  13. Hey bro,


    Thank you for sharing your very good knowledge on bikes.

    You really have the passion on DIY! I'm very impressed.

    I noticed that you have modified your front signal lights to 2 relays, such that they will light up all the time. Nice! I look forward to your signal light tips!! =)

  14. Hi guys Wanna ask if anyone knows the name of the bike shop near SAFRA Tampines.. and whether it's good (in terms of value $$ and workmanship) to visit for servicing? Thanks!!
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