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  1. hey, sorry i wanna ask u abt bike penalties coz i see u seem to really know your stuff. can i?


    my friend,17, who do not have a license took my bike for a ride. and got into an accident. my friend went to hospital, my bike got towed and helmet taken by police. i got a few questions to ask.


    1)if i were to say i lend my friend the bike, what is the penalty for each of us? revoke? fine?


    2)if i were to say he took my bike without acknowledgement, means its an additional theft charge for him,what is the penalty each of us? revoke? fine? jail?


    3)what will happen to my bike and helmet?


    i really appreciate if you could anw my queries.thanks

  2. hey wanna view bike, pls sms me at 94591148 and indicate your user nick

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