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  1. You are cordially invited to join the Gilera Star Club. Check it out and leave a msg if u are interested.



  2. From what i know, a mechanic told me that the performance of hurricane filter is the same like u nvr use any filter at all cause the filter design is totally empty inside, no sponge nothing, except very fine mesh to block particles such as stones, sands & unwanted items from going into the carburator... To me if were to use this filter on the road for travelling wise will be no for me, i rather trap the dust then collecting dust inside my carburator.... For price wise its quite cheap bro, it cost around $50 last time...
  3. There's a lot of filter out there in the market, recently i had heard bout the dragon filter....my bike lst time was being handle by mach mechanic, i bought the filter from them & they did the tunning for me, indeed the performance wise was much more better then knn & malossi... Nope my carburator did not clog or have dust in it, decide to change back to knn, prevention is better then something bad happen bro... Different mechanics will say different things, the best is to do research ourself, listen to people talk sometimes can makes us fikle minded & btw bro sheep whats a b
  4. Yesssshhh bro, indeed hurricane open port is good for drag race ONLY not for road use due to fuel comsumption, i have already tried the hurricane open port, the pick up is superb, but u need to get the proper tuning to get the result buttttttt be prepare to burn a big hole in yr pocket if u still wana continue using it, 120km to 150km fuel finish liao... This hurricane filter is like our carburator not using any filter, if u don't belive me u try to take out yr hurricane filter & test yr bike, the power is the same... The advantage of hurricane open port is dust will enter yr carbura
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