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  1. 124th Time at Planet Date: 21/08/2019 Time: 04:10pm Weather: Fine Went back to Planet to get my headlight socket. :grin: but now my tail light is not working too. Fortunately I don’t ride at night and the brake lights still works. When I was there, Ah Chong can still remember that my bike is the one that needs the socket replaced. It was a day for Phantoms. There was another Black clean look Phantom being wheeled out when I got there and another one that needs it's wiring replaced and another Phantom rolled in after I got there. When Ah Chong tried to open my headlight cover, he couldn’t find the allen key So I opened it with my own Allen key. Then ….. …. Ah Chong handed me a screw driver and told me to open the taillight cover too! After Ah Chong replaced the socket, the headlight still doesn’t work. And Ah Chong said “What the F##K?” Then he opened the wire array and found the yellow wire broken and went :What the F##K?!” again. Then he saw that the grounding was loosen and went :What the F##K?!?!” again. After a few more rounds of “What the F##K?!” He managed to get everything fixed. When he checked the taillight, he went scratching his head looking for the wire under the fenders and not finding any. He forgotten that he jerry rig me a wire last year and it was hidden under the seat. So I took the seat off and Ah Chong laughed and said “What the F##K! This one came out.” And plugged in a socket and a joint to reconnect the taillight wires and everything was cleared. I also bought a set of bulbs from Ah Chong. These saved my a trip the last time round when my bulb blew on a late Saturday afternoon some months back. Left Planet satisfied. Now can go for inspect already.
  2. 123rd Time at Planet. Date: 24/06/2019 Time: 10:50am Weather: Fair Mood: I love my Planet! Went to Planet to fix my headlamp which can not only on High Beam and get an oil change at the same time. When I was at Planet, there were already a few customers around. When Ah Chong gotten around to check on the light, it turns out the bulb was working fine, it’s the socket that had a wire detached and had to be opened to solder back. Ah Chong searched the workshop, but there was no stock, not even 2nd hand ones from scrapped bikes. So it’s just an oil change, then I remembered my meter lights that have not been working since last year and got them replaced. Total was only $20, but that gives me a good reason to come back to Planet when the stock for the headlight arrives.
  3. 122th time at Planet 23/02/2019 Weather: Hot Time: 12:50pm Mood: Today is the day I collect back my bike At Planet, I saw Ebony's side opened up. Looks like it will still take some time. Mech doing the bike today is Desmond. The chain got fixed and before he closed up the side, I told him to help oil the chain and sprocket. When I was about to pay for the repairs, Ah Chong gave me a sly smile and right off I knew he was going to smoke me with an inflated astronomical amount. "It's going to be at least $300!" but got discount for teachers 50% off! Then Ah Chong did some calculations $140 for the chain and labour. Remembering the last time he gave me a discount I decided to be generous too and gave him $150 and to keep the change I figured he needs to earn some extra to cover the labor. When I rode off, I found the foot brake pedal abit off. Turns out the pedal was bent when the bike was jacked up. So I got him to bend it back. It was ok, but not perfect. Going to ask him to fine tune it when I go back next time.
  4. 121th time at Planet 22/02/2019 02.40pm Weather: Hot Mood: Bummer Ebony has the hiccups. It's probably the tensioner or the timing chain. When I got to Planet, there was no ticking sound because the engine had warmed up during the ride there. So I had to wait until it cools down. After that Ah Chong listened to it and said "It's the timing chain. Can't finish changing it today." Quite obvious since there was still a couple of bikes in the shop that were half done. So it's a long walk home for me.....
  5. February Liao! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
  6. February loh! And Happy Chinese New Year!
  7. Happy 2019 people! Jan ending Liao!
  8. Missed Nov. Last day of the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
  9. December liao. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!
  10. 120th Time at Planet 19/12/2018 02:40pm Weather: Going to rain soon Mood: Yay can go Planet! Called up Ah Chong in the morning to confirm got tyres to for "Ebony" and went there after lunch. When I got there, Ah Chong happily got me the front tyre, but when he looked around for the rear tyre..... NO STOCK! Hahahaha! And he quickly go and order 10 more! While waiting for the tyres to arrive, I got the new Mech to change the engine oil and trouble shoot the headlight. What he recommend is to change to the Stanley brand headlight. When he dismantled my headlight bulb, the filament was intact, but he said that the wire sometimes inside broken cannot see one. Anyway after switching to the Stanley brand bulb the problem of the intermittent on and off of the headlight was solved. SO I learnt something new this day. The new Mech was pretty ok, talks a bit rough, but is good. And did a good job oiling the chain when I asked him to, and took initiative to change thte nozzle of the tyre to an L-shaped one to make it easier for me to pump tyre. I almost couldn't recognised "San wei" when I was there. He aged quite a bit this year. Cost was $191, but Ah Chong gave me a discount of $1.00. I was thinking of telling Ah Chong to keep the change, but not wanting to turn down the old man's generosity of $1.00 discount, my "Kiam Siap" nature took over and I thanked Ah Chong and I gave him $200 and got the $10 change back. But then hor.... When I was about to leave, Ah Chong called me back and asked me to pay for "pumping air" at first I though he was kidding and replied, "Oh yes! Pump air very expensive one! Hahahaha!" Then Ah Chong said it was for the "Air nozzle L-shaped one" Turns out the L-shaped nozzle not free one.... $10 each So still end up paying $200. I guess that $200 is fated to stay with Ah Chong that day. What belongs to you will be yours. PS: Ah Chong helped me pump tyres the last time round when I was there, said it was a bit low. Bless his soul.
  11. 119th Time at Planet 18/10/2018 Weather: Fair Mood: Heh heh finally go Planet again! Went Planet to do up quiet a few things. 1. Replace the number plate bulb 2. Change tyres 3. Change IU 4. Change Engine oil When I got there, Ah Chong told me got no stock for tyres! The company gone bust! Next month then have tyres. So I asked for change of bulb and IU. Ah Chong got an old one and told me to go VICOM to get it registered. Before I left, I spied an black CBR amongst the row of bikes outside the shop, and wanted to ask if it was for sale or if it belonged to another customer. When I got back from VICOM, since there was quite a few customers by the time I got back, I DIY remove the IU and found out what's the problem with it. :lol: Ah Chong charged me $50 instead of the usual $60 because I DIY take down and install my IU and threw in the bulb for free! Yeah! Go Planet! Suddenly.... .... I saw a familiar face in a helmet! It's Vidak! Confirmed plus chop when he took of his helmet and revealed his mop of curls. Turns out the CBR I was Beo-ing belongs to Vidak! No need to ask if it was for sale liao! But Ah Chong asked if I was interested in a 800cc bike he was holding onto. I told Ah Chong I was keeping an eye out for a 1,000cc or more one. So I paid Ah Chong the $50 and rode home.
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