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  1. hello ppl!!! long time no see!!!
  2. lolx...simei ite one...haha...

  3. er.. forget liao.. psps..

  4. hey..rmb me?? how r u n ur sis?? still riding these days??

  5. how many diameters are your angel eyes? i am trying to find the right size to order. thanks :D

  6. hi dude, you using racing footrest or normal ?

  7. Hi bro, just check where you get your headlight? Looks very nice :) If selling please PM me if not tell me where to buy can? Thanks!

  8. hey , are you selling your pipe ?

  9. yoyo.. can i know where u buy the sticker for your head light?

  10. hi your LED headlights and foot brakes going for how much?

  11. i dun get wat u mean??

  12. like tt can ar???lolx but funny lo...tt day after i find ur all go hm le...i left my bike key on my bike then go up to my gf hse lo...think too tired totally 4got abt it sia...few hrs later then go back down to find....like my bike nvr kena stolen,...
  13. ah han y u no reply me one....reply on forum dun reply on msn like tt can ar???
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