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  1. u should thank god nothing haapen to the lamp post, or nobody saw u. it'll cost a lot more than the whole bumper. speaking of which, i think i have something with mj that i forgot to collect, lol
  2. http://i53.tinypic.com/2zqwqgx.jpg he never learn...
  3. china made is cheapest, aka OEM n not original. depend on what type of battery, old models r hard to find. pm me ur blackberry n battery model, i might have someone who can check 4 u.
  4. i gave a fellow pulsar stranger a smile when i stop at traffic light, checking out his bike.
  5. maybe u should mention a black pulsar with rider that's very hard to spot, lol, i'm all black too. maybe i'm the one with the most broken down bike, all my battle damage haven't fix yet. -.-
  6. please note to TAKE OUT cash card from IU, just let it scan when u enter n exit. come find me sometime yhang23, i'm working there now. btw, i'm refering to the one at clementi. namly haven't went b4.
  7. usd dont have. unless u're sure they have then go enquire, that area deal more with ringit, other currency might be limited too.
  8. getting slower is part n parcel of every OS. best u can is reformat. if still dont get back to ur previous performance, then consider upgrade. usually the thing to upgrade is ram, cpu is ex, unless u can find 2nd hand, then again, ur board is quite old, so dont think/hard to find new ones too. there's a limit of cpu u can upgrade depend on ur board. hdd is also another culprit. ur graphics looks fine unless u're playing those newer games that require intensive graphic power. ur computer is quite old as compared to nowaday's tech, so unless u're drooling on the newer games, it's still
  9. there usually chg ringit, other currency seldom have. best rate in sg is in raffles, but office hr only. next i'll try is chinatown. there's always a long Q there.
  10. car or bike? bike is FREE, need to scan, eps system. what u working as in SIM?
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