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  1. Selling a ultra low mileage Aprilia Shiver 750. A 750cc 90 degrees V-twin with all the grunt and power to match liter bikes. One of the rare Italian 90 degrees V-twins in Singapore, comes with Aprilia's Ride by Wire system that allows you to change modes between Rain, Tour and Sport for the varying road conditions Condition looks brand new, view to believe. Comes with various accessories to make your ride more pleasant. Current mileage stands at 2388km, rarely used and always parked with bike cover on. Bike is now 4 years old, COE expires on 22 June 2025. Looking at $14000 full
  2. Yes,


    I'll be letting go a Trax 38L box next month. Do PM if you're interested.

  3. Hi,


    I'm interested to know whether you're letting go of any top box from H&B, Trax or Touratech.

  4. I an keen in the air filter cleaning kit, let me know your best offer .

  5. hello.. im new to biking, going for TP soon and all along i haven have my own helmet.. say that eu bought a zeus zs 3000 recently.. can tell me how much? and de quality?? heard from my frens that de flip up for Zeus helmets tend to drop down when eu push it up.. is that true? and is the ventilation good or still stuffy on the road? thank you lots if eu would help me.. thanks

  6. bro u haf the manual link?? cant find.. and also the LTA e-mail.. send to [email protected].. thanks..

  7. That list suits the "choosing what bike list". For ladies, not so much as there is one more important question which is "Will she choose me too?" Anyway, nojam, you don't need convincing. If you need it, that means you got not much conviction in getting a bike, especially a Ducati. Passion is needed for riding these italian babes. I believe every one of the Ducatisi have a sense of passion for their bike, you should too since you wanted one. On a side note, think I'll be able to touch a M400 real soon!
  8. Nope, he can't. He could only do digital meters for applicable bikes. For analog meter, try here, http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/191376-lt-CMO-gt-Angel-Eye-For-SPARKS-HONDA-(SP)-And-Super-Bright-LED Hmm, hey Tachni. Any resemblance to your old nick? Heh!
  9. Any bike shop should suffice as they would contact the dealer. KS motors at Jalan Besar, opposite of Regina do sells lots of OEM Suzuki parts. I've gotten quite some parts for the GSR from them at a reasonable price. Which temperature to warm up, it is quite subjective to people. I usually leave it til 55 degrees Celsius before moving off. It is up to you whether you wanna do maintenance or not. Haha. Well, as a rule of thumb. EO and Oil filter at every 5k and sparkies at 10k, clean or change air filter every 3 months. Do check out the suitable life span for your other parts such
  10. Great stuffs. Hopefully after reading these, people would do something about their equipment instead of just complaining about how bad it becomes after several years. After all, maintaining your equipment is just a couple of additional steps. Friendlier on the wallet too! Thumbs up for your effort! EDIT: Oh, might I add that, after a heavy downpour or a wash, don't ever leave leather out in the sun to dry.
  11. Haha, regardless, it does not comes with a PSB sticker, does it? I admit that these helmets are tested and approved based on international standards but it has been proven that these helmets cannot even stop a 5.56mm bullet from killing the wearer, provided that it is not a stray. It can only deflect fragments and stray bullets. Anyway, PSB approved helmets are not always seen to be safe. Some riders here actually denounced it, such as there are much more recognized international standards.
  12. Yeah, do remember to slow down when you squeeze, especially if you have wide handlebars (or bar ends). The only exception to this is those "J" platers riding kups. They squeezed through traffic as if its their own backyard. Pretty daring, I must say!
  13. Check out Motoworld, they have parts for the GSR4. If not, Unique Motorsports might have some. Last when I head down there, I saw a Belly Pan for about $200 plus? Might I recommend you to head down to Unique Motorsports at Toh Guan instead?
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