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  1. hello hello there neighbour....

  2. sure no prob..lagi pon mmg dah plan nk tukar jugak after yg tat time ade outhing kat far east shp ctr..tu lah aku tgk cam same jugak..btw so sorry..

  3. Excuse me my dear fren, mind wat u say...i did called u to ask bout things n u never did answer my calls nor return the calls back wen i did called u a couple of tymes n I did tell ur so called gf to let u knoe tat i called n even ask her to tell u tat....did she said to u tat. I did msg u also but nothing were reply...I've done my part la k. Wat am i supposed to think of u..u need help, yes we helped u but u don't be selfish n do such a thing. Use ur brains to think n make good use of it before u take actions...am i tat bad...? tell me here la since u wanna make it public...i can understand
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