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  1. aiyah you knn la. yesterday pangse. wah lao...
  2. yeah nice meeting all the guys. one of the largest turnout i guess. anyway what do you mean by i will try to post the pic. you MUST post the pic asap ok. 9 other people are waiting. :cheeky:
  3. lol... uncle lim better hide your voltmeter. loyang not far away from my place. lol.
  4. one more thing before i sleep. don and fad better stay with your bike everynight. might find missing parts. i'm going shopping. lol...
  5. Knn host pangse. lol... anyway Uncle lim you forgot your oranges. haha.
  6. lol. i'm totally lost. but they are not disreputing the seller or product right?
  7. yeah fyip i will be there at about 2100 hrs. working also. lol.
  8. lol... you need apprentice to work in thailand? i volunteer. lol.
  9. bro don't get what they are arguin about. care to summarise?
  10. so are you bringing along any sweet mandarin women along? lol...
  11. i smell girls... lol. anyway yeah bring mandarin orange. sweet and no seeds. many many. i like. they are just as sweet as the ladies
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