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  1. Saw a couple of Monsters at Changi Village last night. Nice rides!
  2. Hey guys, I always read this thread and people here always say the Monster is a really fun bike. What's exactly fun about it may I ask? The handling, the power or the style etc.? Looking at the M400 btw, one of my choices for my next bike! Thanks!
  3. Hey, did you park your bike beside mine today? Lol. Lets meet up at canteen 5.
  4. Definitely not workable in Singapore. You can already see how Singaporeans take those free newspaper...
  5. We've been saying this for the longest time. But everytime, no one organises...
  6. That time my brake pump also damaged. But dunno why my brakes still working. Lucky I went to fix it early. Who knows what complications will there be if I still delay.
  7. How come not working? Must always use both brakes together like what the DC taught us!!
  8. Similarly I can't wear specs with Rjays... But OGK fits nicely! Sorry, I know this is a AGV thread.
  9. I thought of this idea long ago liao... But not feasible in singapore la.
  10. No wonder I see the thread like so wierd... How come got so many replies I didn't see before... Anyway, sometimes 2b bikers like me don't mean to chase big bikes. I do that just to take a look at those beautiful bikes... Hehe. Maybe alot of them will misunderstand that we are blowing and staring at them but actually it's just to take a look at their bikes?
  11. Wow, must be damn fun riding so long. How long did that take you? You rode alone?
  12. That is just exaggerated ba, unless your gear really so easy to kick until you touch only drop 2 or 3 gears. Then of course you will fly. Lol.
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