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  1. Hi,


    Order required for Bagster tank cover for Z1000.

  2. Is there any ready stock bagster tank bra for z1000??

  3. Fufu bro, i finish shut down, we go kulai ai mai???
  4. Hahaha. Triple hard arh??? Hmm. No need to work hard. Work smart. Lol. Me no share. I give away. Dont wanna get into trouble by sharing.....
  5. Ur when can pakai anot? Or just another words of fun? Wakakaka. Sorry bro, M1 is just a prototype of bike use in motogp. No such production on the road. Pillion wise is up to u. I dont go around look at ppls pillion.
  6. Wah, lucky get one size bigger.
  7. So many excuses. This is wat ppls say empty vessel make alot of noise... Wakakakakakaka. Dont be mad n dont frame me. Im just being me.
  8. Ehk guru, u got ur r1 wat???? Ride ur bike out lah beb. Dont tell me that u got no ride....
  9. Woit guru better come tomorrow.... I'll be coming down rite after werk wif my mini yammies. gas have to postpone the riding outing to other day. Yikes.
  10. Ill come down rite after werk. So i tink i will be abit last cos from 1 end to 1 end. But will not join for the outing. So sorry many2.
  11. I tink u run over a stone...
  12. No wonder so fast get title SBF lacer...
  13. Ppls bz finding money.... U soo free no wonder post thread always have u clocking post....
  14. Not that ppls dot wanna greet him back. Its becos this is normal mah. No need to greet. Just hie hello n take care bubye. Unless u wanna clock post then u greet him lor. Or every post thread u reply with almost same answer as others. PS: type it here not to the post clocker but to encourage multi quoting rather then single quote.
  15. Haslam, Join me better, can visit the massage babe after long werking hours...
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