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  1. Looking for bar riser & canyon cages for my '17 model. Contact me directly at 91050569 as I don't log in here.
  2. Hi bro..long time no see u in FJR forum. sold of ur ride? im selling mine sadly..need ur expertise in some issues..if u dont mind. Amin here 92721040

  3. Hey bro, found you in the forums under the scooter section and would like to invite you to join our facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/scooternnarcotics


    We specialize in importing aftermarket accessories and performance parts at affordable rates liaising with scooter shops. Should you be riding any maxi-scooters, this will definitely serve as a useful page for you!

  4. Oh ya. I too have rode this 2 models before. Ah Choong does these 2 bikes. Modes my nouvo's transmission before also. Try him lo.

  5. Nouvo and gilera st bro...both are scooters...

  6. just say daniel recommend. btw wat u riding now?

  7. Yap i got his address....at serangoon north....can i quote ur name to him hahahaha

  8. Yap i got his address....at serangoon north....can i quote ur name to him hahahaha

  9. i'm daniel. u got his address? btw his number is 90220203

  10. Hey dude i forgot ur name...we interact before...waz ur name again? Understand ah chong from kallang cycle has shift his place...going to visit him soon.

  11. shops also take parts from distributor. might as well u go straight to the distributors. waiting time is 4 to 6 weeks. how i know? cos i was the one who enquired for u. haha..... best is still ask ah choong to indent for u. unless u get it from ebay, no one is faster.
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