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  1. The MOST MOST important is slow down, refreshment stop and Fuel.. Slow down hand sign is the most important, the rest can stop and discuss.. Slow down hand sign Signal left or hazard light on, hand sign out, check mirror make sure at least 1 person behind you is doing the same then slowly come to a stop. Need Fuel (Fuel light on) low fuel. Make your hand into a gun, point to your fuel tank. Refreshment stop Point to your head, this mean, next R&R stop. Picture credits to Hero MotoCorp Trinidad and Tobago from FB.
  2. haha.. let's ride in Singapore before rushing up.. the road conditions up north is more bad then Singapore.. Drivers are better mannered thru.. No tailgate, no sudden lane change no CONSTANT flashing.. only 2 times at a go and give you time to lane change before overtaking you. Only need to be aware of the trucks and road conditions. Truck might have sand/things drop off.. Road conditions might have potholes so huge that you felt "floating" after bumping it.. hahaha.. These are my experiences in north..
  3. 1) Mt03 bike is a good one cuz I'm riding it now.. hahaha.. there's alot of people will help out if you have any issues 2) 2nd hand on carousel and shop, i seriously will consider owner better then bike shops.. bike shop warranty 1 month, you can go back 1 month settle, all good, next month same issue, no warranty you even worse.. 3) not ok to attach a P plate, just ride in a lane, you can ride like a car.. it's ok.. I always did that, but if a car tailgate me.. I'll move to left lane to let him/her overtake or speed up to move to left lane.. depending on whichever is safer. 4) No issues not to lane split.. I dun lane split very often as well.. unless I'm at geylang or peak hour or traffic jam. Just give way to vehicle who tailgate you or whenever you feel unsafe, move to left lane BUT BUT, avoid trucks on left lane cuz you might become their blind spit. 5) Yes, My KR150 can go to Thailand, MT03 definitely more then enough. agreed! both dealers and seller, there are good ones and bad ones out there.. agreed! :Thumbsup!
  4. now cannot already.. haha.. max 2 person.. else get fine.. i just saw a letter going about gather more then 4 people, fine 1k..
  5. nowadays scrap no need to pay anything, you just take whatever you wan, the bike shop salvage whatever's left especially the engine area then they will sell the part which is confirm more then your $20-30 fees.. Unless you remove every single thing and they can't take anything anymore.. then you need to pay them. nope, will need to wait for 2 weeks, NEA letter come, then you write back, total about 1 month-2 month before you receive your NEA rebate.. I just checked yesterday. walk to any bike shop who do scrap services, you will have your choice there.. but you will arrange your own transport.
  6. there's a few things that might have happened. 1) Valve 2) clutch housing like your mech mentioned Usually knocking sound is not a good sign.. so even your next buyer will definitely ask you what sound is that and etc.
  7. Hi5! I'm also already making plans.. hahaha.. I believe alot of people is also planning.. I believe might take another year or 2 (hopefully).. we have to factor in a few things. 1) Situation/volume in Malaysia 2) Situation/volume in Thailand 3) Risk level of traveling to these countries due to lockdown for long period. 4) Group size need to be at least in groups of 3-8 (bigger numbers better but unable to balance speed between bikes/bikers) (also due to risk factors) 5) Vaccine for every group members done. (you dun wan anyone to be down with Fever) Lastly, please please... make sure every single rider KNOWS HAND SIGN and mirror is usable! I had an accident because the rider doesn't know hand signs (pump petrol) and mirror cannot view back riders.. One more thing, learn how to slowly down and stop at expressway as a group.. Please test your riders irregardless of experiences. Racer or tourer bike, test their knowledge just 1 week before rushing off to the borders..
  8. yup.. only found out it's a bit dirty due to previous owner often go in Malaysia.. the FI is red is colour.. LOL..
  9. currently riding mt03.. so just need to know how do we know we need to do valve clearance?
  10. go down one day beforehand.. at least you have that day to go buy new helmet.. the helmet selling at the learning centre is abit.. over priced..
  11. hmmmm... then no choice ba.. go to LAB if you wan something low price.. or google on carousel if you wan 2nd hand.. BUT.. remember to check for PSB sticker..
  12. weird.. not possible lei.. i have helmet ranging 2-5 years ago.. sticker still intact.. *maybe abit colour drop hmmmm.. just be more careful on your next helmet.. not possible to buy sticker only.. but you can go back to the shop you purchase from and ask them if they can help or not.. What SBF mentioned is buy a Shoei helmet then get the sticker PROTECTOR for free.. haha..
  13. if you really unlucky.. tow or follow them back to inspection centre and they will take their time to inspect and check for wire connections.. Usually.. I'll just tear off infront of them if they located that LED.. haha.. I did once at inspection centre.. they say, if not using, cut away else photo capture, might get fine.. then I'll cut infront of them.. hahaha
  14. yes.. it's illegal.. LTA/Vicom will look for these.. and once notice.. they will look for switch to activate them. once activated, you will be fine. Here's from LTA website.. Of cuz, if you claimed it's installed by previous owner, cannot find switch, they can't fine you as well.. https://onemotoring.lta.gov.sg/content/onemotoring/home/owning/modification.html#:~:text=The LTA’s guidelines for vehicle modifications ensure that,not carry out unauthorised modifications to your vehicle.
  15. ahhhh.. interesting.. I tot I saw a super rare number plate.. hahaha! thanks for the enlightening..
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