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  1. yeah.. I actually went down to my personal workshop 2 days in a row and chatted more then 6 hours.. hahaha.. first 2 hours (first day), healthy arguments.. he say no need to wash, I say need to wash.. he say you wan wash, I can wash.. but I guarantee nothing will improve.. 2nd day, he took out spark plug and show me, all nice with whitish.. no black at all.. he advise, if dirty.. you will see your plug dirty.. remember how your spark plug look like on your KR? if you can find abit of dirt.. then we wash.. haha.. as he continue to check electric stuff, he continue to see all stuff o
  2. haha.. we'll see how in the future.. but I doubt I'll upgrade again ba.. LOLOL. Now riding 2 beloved bikes, KR150 and MT03.. customising both to be as similar in terms of "accessories and outlook".. Yeah.. i agreed as they are more stricter to 2A and 2 but my TP date itself really has a few weird weird patterns one.. hahaha..
  3. As I'm reading through most of the fuel injection servicing. There's a tons of information out there. Most workshops dun recommend but there's a few people out there who went out to find someone who did it for them and they come back with amazing results. Main thing is higher FC, which definitely save more money over long run, better pick up and top speed and many more. However, based on my searching and findings, it seems like there's only 1 workshop doing it. Reviews are double digit as of now (since 5 years ago).. Unsure about how fantastic it is, but f it's really amazing
  4. actually, you can try WD40.. hahaha.. cheapest wax.. and it shines as well.. I just clean it yesterday with my tube.. LOL. wasted that I did not take a photo of before and after.. can see some previous colour tone.. haha
  5. 1) Cover it up 2) Wax it. 3) Respray it with can spray.. I did all 3... so mine is still shiny after 13 years.. hahahaha..
  6. Personally prefer Plastic - Doesn't look good doesn't matter much since looking at price and durable. (not heavy) Looks can be customised. My previous box lasted me 13 years.. I even drill holes to put hooks.. (Kopi and Teh) But mine comes with Alu/Metal. Trust me.. it's heavy.. LOL..
  7. jia lat.. kanna chop.. LOL.. Maybe lor.. but the price was quoted by the auntie.. so maybe she priced up compared to uncle Not really wor.. I think I waited for about 10-20 minutes.. I still can go regina and chat with the sales people there.. haha.. no no.. not the standard key.. Mine is the special one that need to "engraved" one..
  8. 1) A video camera to protect yourself in case anything happen. (I just saw it on your number 2 point.. haha) 2) Alarm system to prevent people from stealing your motorcycle or previous owners taking a joyride. 3) Crash bar/sliders if you have not been ridden for quite a while. 4) Bar-end balancers - must be heavy ones 5) Raincoats - choose better quality ones but depending on your budget as well. 6) I think gear socks might be important if you are wearing full light-coloured covered shoes most of the time. Otherwise your shoes will become dark coloured. - S
  9. anyone knows the price for key duplicate for kappa box?
  10. hahaha.. I'm a fan of black.. shopping for red stickers now.. LOLOL... Just to check, you have any new SBF sticker like your current logo, (black and red) hahaha.. Same theme as mine..
  11. New rider of 2nd hand MT-03 reporting in.. haha..
  12. only when you owned both of the license, you will understand. But if you are just a driver, you will somehow dislike riders as how most people categorise drivers as "taxi" like this one, "ladies-drivers" also like that one. P plate bo bian, confirm mistake one..
  13. (First trip) I ridden a Kawasaki Kips 150 (2 stroke) up to Hatyai before. (2nd trip) Originally wanted to go Golden Triangle/Laos but was met with accident near Jitra thus I u-turn back alone. (too many weird incidents happened) The rest of the group did continue and went to Lao but skipped golden triangle as the dateline is too tight. -Weird incidents- - bike struck at RPM 7 (retify after 4th round of R&R) (wash carb and settled despite I wash it 2 weeks beforehand) -GPS went haywire and wire came off thus low batt (check when back in Singapore, wire snap
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