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  1. Planet at Uni.. boss ah chiong.. or mechanic ah Kwong..
  2. First post in year 2020!! Hi KR riders or previous KR riders..
  3. ops.. bots reply so smart ah? still know about RPM 5k-7k? AI.. jia lat liao la..
  4. U need a bike before you can join any gathering.. No one like to give pillion to anyone.. LOL... Unless you are a female.. hahahah!
  5. went and came back? LOL.. no updates?
  6. Yo.. 1) Our speed at usually go above 160 (minimum) 2) Carb setting might be off or valve jam. Go wash your carb, wash your valve. (change your piston and piston ring if you got budget and your bike can last you at least another 5 years) 3) Change your chain ratio (if it's 14/31) it's meant for pick up and not for high speed. you might need to rev until RPM 9/10 to hit 150. Lastly, join singapore kawasaki fb group and ask there. a lot of old bird went there.. hahaha.. I usually come in every few months to check only..
  7. Bro.. your reply is 15 years late.. hahaha.. I think the person either become pro or change bike liao.. The post is from 2004..
  8. I just saw someone selling stock pipe. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215508597885110&set=pcb.3562118740480975&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARCcx_mnDYK9hpi4H8JfhZEiMnjAsxgP1rJ2W5m2W5MW0KGgDJ99mMOCSFGg9t2MoJt2G7il3fszIbq-
  9. Nope, dun go vicom, go to those super small outlets. It should be able to pass you. (especially your COE going to ends soon as well right? This thread will be dying soon once all KRR is out of the road in Singapore.. Haix.
  10. Indeed, a lot of dangers luks around. haha. Take care on the road! Yes, Ride defensively!
  11. Yes, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or call 67474740 before going down.
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