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    the best of both worlds.. Both iOS and Android.. Usually iOS for daily usage, androids for research and testing purposes.. Happy New year/Chinese new year everyone!
  2. haha.. reason - we are originally from 2B and happy with a 2B until all bikes comes with a date.. So no choice but to upgrade to something we need and not want lor.. So 2A is enough for Singapore road.. If I can tour to Thailand with a 2B, a 2A is definitely sufficient for me..
  3. yup.. unless it's just the no turn right sign.. then it cannot be turn.. Some roads comes with the top sign (no turn right) plus timing below.. those are tricky.. haha.. you need to think before going to that lane.. most of the time, when i see those "confusing" aka "need to think" signs, I'll go slightly ahead to turn.. It's safer.. haha..
  4. No right turn for vehicles not exceeding 2500KG Most cars and all motorcycles don't exceed 2500KG. This is a very common road sign..
  5. Follow - I would like to know if there's such rental or not as well..
  6. Great to know your brother ride as well! You can get him to pillon you around.. haha.. I believe there's a ladies rider group somewhere, you can join them as well but i believe you might need to own a motorcycle first before able to join in.
  7. Do you have friends who ride as well? If yes, it's best to meet up a few times after you gotten your 2B, learn from their mistakes and experience. If no, time to make some friends from SBF (Singapore Bike Forum)..
  8. yeah lor.. I check the price for 2B electric bike. 18k excluding COE and insurance.. not worth sia.. plus no place to charge (unless you stay landed) 2 stroke bikes all have an expiry date on them already.. Some of my friends was asking if they could pay COE, Layup then change to classic bike after 25 years.. LOL.. that's how much we love our 2 strokes.. haha..
  9. hahaha.. I'm not taking Class2 liaoz.. I just change my driver license already.. haha.. 2A will be sufficient for Singapore usage.. nowadays 2B abit "slow" compared to 2 strokes.. LOL..
  10. ai seh... same as me sia.. 2B first.. then 2A after 13 years.. hahaha..
  11. ahhhh.. okok.. maybe can tell the instructors when you get on the bike and while trying to reach the biting point, you can't, they should be able to close one eye and help you adjust. I remember one of us tried to adjust but the instructor say, you should get used to diff biting points, so lucky for me and I managed to get use thru. dun worry, can one la! Just be careful when you are really on the road.. Singapore drivers mostly no mercy one.. Just ride defensively..
  12. good shop to recommend! but too many people go, i headache also.. haha.. He's good as well, actually.. he used to be ah chiong's worker.. *he's good with electrical stuff.. good shop to recommend!
  13. i think already sold.. haha.. since the rider is leaving Singapore on 26 Jan 2021.. based on profile, should be Fino ba..
  14. try to familiarise and get used to diff bikes with diff biting points. no need to note down ba.. cuz during TP or your assessments, you will also do warm ups. yeah!! Definitely need to remember your own route, never ever follow the one infront. During my TP, rider 1 went blank and ride pass all obstacles and go back to end point. We all stunned cuz the rider is out only less than 3 minutes and the biker and the bike is back to starting point. A good thing, rider 2 did not follow and continued with the test. Had a few chats during lung exercise. 1 rider sudd
  15. as long it's not scooter or auto gear, they will do.. looks like scrambler.. so should be ok.. TW200 I believe ok ba.. just dun ask them do your wiring.. cuz they are not 100% good with it.. I'll give them a 80%..
  16. it could be 2 possibilities. 1) they use your block and hardcore wash it with machines, thus the colour changes, pretty normal to me. Since you mentioned you clean your bike, I'm sure you didn't clean with fuel, they usually wash with fuel or super strong cleaning solutions on our motorcycle internal parts. 2) like what you suspect, they could have change it, look out for scratch marking that you still recall or use your previous photos as fall back evidence. But if they change it, usually it's "better" could not be worse one.. haha.. unless that motordiam already has a bad na
  17. not as long as you.. but about there also. back in 2000s.. haha.. i started reading first before joining.. LOL
  18. check with TP ba.. i remember one articles about that.. but only for new licenses.. if got 24 points then it's confirm all in one.. but 12 points i heard got "allowances".
  19. not over yet la.. still can ride with 0 point.. but not lesser then that, they have allowance of 0 point for those who just pass their TP..
  20. Yeah.. I went up with friends who are experienced.. But still half of the groups is inexperience for going thailand. In fact, we had 2 trial runs to Malacca and several short trips before this. But again I believed most of us are experienced in riding in groups and thus everything went fairly well. Yes, so most people would rather go with a budget car (with our humility/hot weather). Yup.. I believe if you wan some speed and power, 600cc seems good, but R6 will be abit too sporty (back pain) unless you are still very sporty guy.. (I'm already a uncle) hahahaha..
  21. hahaha.. photos tells a million words.. 1) Gym for 2-3 months before starting this trip.. haha.. 2) Prepared mentally to ride 16-20 hours. 3) Pack as light as you can, preferable no backpacks. Meanwhile, yeah.. FJR1300 is huge but if you want, can also ba.. But most FLR riders that I know now change to car already.. haha!
  22. 1) No need put triangle la.. That's only for people who just pass their bike or car license. 2) Yes all impacted for points 3) But I heard there's a new ruling, bike license kanna >12 points, car not impacted. But Class 3/4/5 should be tagged together. I'm not sure how it works through. (saw it at one of the articles.) But again, dun think so much, just ride more defensively will do..
  23. Personally I would suggest 2A for Singapore daily rides, you dun need a powerful bike in Singapore after all.. Too many traffic lights and cameras. For traveling up north, that depends on your preferences, I've ride a 2B to Thailand Hatyai before.. So I guess it doesn't really matter much other then the traveling time.. haha..
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