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  1. I will usually start from checking my steering cone and wheel bearing by lifting up the front using a car jack. If ok, then check the tire. Fork highly unlikely unless your drop got knock the front before, then you can try lossing the clamp on the forktube and retighten to try release any tension.
  2. From what I see, you, the 2nd car can claim from you because your bike is the one whom bump into him. Unless you got witness to say the 1st car cause you to bump into the 2nd car, then the insurance company will throw out the claim.
  3. I got my kerosene from my dad office. He has one big tin on unused kerosene. Don't know where he got it. Diesel is fine too. Actually if you ride your bike often, your chain won't rust so easily unless it is always exposed to rain etc. I never "oil" the chain after washing with kerosene at all. Just spray with the usual chain wax after that will do. And I only spray a little bit only and on the inner side of the chain. No rust even after 1 week of non-riding but my bike is always under sheltered nor ride in the rain (if possible). Pledge is GOOD stuff! Everyone should try it. I don't find i
  4. Try spraying WD40 on the rubber or anything that is greasy. Will help a lot.
  5. It called pressure sprayer. Same concept as Super Soaker gun bah. http://www.prochemsupply.com/media/00/a20791912fb35de1666a1f_m.jpg
  6. Heres what I use, 1) Bike shampoo - No preference. Anything that is cheap off the shelves. 2) Wax - I prefer 3M liquid wax or Maxima Spray and Shine. I also use Pledge too. 3) Chain cleaner/lube - I use kerosene to clean the chain and currently using Dupont Teflon spray to lube 4) Rim cleaner - Just use the spray and shine 5) Matt Black surface - I use Maxima SC1. Very highly recommendable 6) Cleaning tools - I use hand to wash the bike especially on the painted surface to avoid scratching the surface. Of course for those area like rims and engine compartment, I use cloth or sponge. I
  7. It never too much. You are welcome to wear those items as you please. However I doubt you can use the full face helmet as they usually require the students to wear open face with visor up or without visor. Don't know why thou. You may consider flip up full face where I see students worn it with the helmet in flipped up position.
  8. Different school of thought give different opinion. Ask yourselves, do you have any money left after paying one shot. If NO, then you are better off paying installment. The interest amount for a used X1r isn't that much anyway. And you may have some cash for incase. If Yes, why not? But of course I will support paying one shot.
  9. Thanks. Will try that. In fact my friend just told me Bukit Merah there also got one that can do. Maybe I will go and try.
  10. My bike is Suzuki. No red key. Just 2 keys. One with me and the other one at bike shop. In order to program a new key using the Agent way, I have to use either one of the original key. But this way, only the key I used to program and the new key can be used. The 3rd key which normally is at the bike shop cannot be use anymore. I heard there is only a number of times we can program until we have to change the whole immobilizer unit. So I thought the simplest way is to clone the code from my existing key. I heard it can be done. Anyway it just a RFID technology. Nothing fancyful. They should hav
  11. If you go by woodlands causeway, no toll needed. If you go by Tuas causeway, you need to prepare cashcard to pay for toll ($0.50 one way) at SG custom and Touch & Go card to pay at the toll booth (rm1.30 one way) after the malaysia custom. The rest of the highway no need to pay toll at all. Just keep to the left when approaching the toll, there is a special bike lane for you to go through. Normally is just a small lane with a bike sign. Just pay the same thing when coming back SG. Just bring along some tools, tire patch kit etc. For your case, 2T also. Make sure you know your bike fuel
  12. Hi, Anyone know where I can duplicate my transponder key by cloning method? Meaning it will be the exact same code as my current key. If go back to Agent, they will reprogam the key and my 2nd key at the bike shop will be useless. Can include the price as well? PM me if possible. Thank you.
  13. You can drop a note on his bike requesting him to park in a considerate manners else you will report it to the authority. Finish the note with "I'm watching you".
  14. And by the way, all these? Is it worth it? When somethings happen, eg life lost, rider seriously injured? Is it worth for the pride and honour of being the fastest rider around?
  15. Sorry Dafeimao, as a very close friend of KP, I think it is respectful if we keep him out of these argument. He never claimed himself as a fastest 600cc rider nor the best. He is just passionate about riding that all. Thank you.
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