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  1. which are the shops you went to? not possible that they cant fix simple issue... did u have your choke tuned on the whole time??
  2. All Legal Spark with clutch Very well taken cared of Selling as getting bigger bike Do not intend to sell if asking price is not met. Willing to keep but GF says "Why one ass, needs two bikes?" COE Expiry Date 13 Jan 2020 (renewable) Road Tax Expiry Date 13 Jan 2019 Inspection Due Date 13 Jan 2019 -Legal exhaust with cert -able to pass inspection by yourself -engine & gear box fully upgraded -Koso meter -front rear tyres replaced on June 2018 -chain sprocket Jan 2018 -do not have stock parts -exterior of bike looks stock but jewel within You may no
  4. bro finally found u again pls test me again 8228 2990

    i ready to recieve ur rack and plate. asap. thanks.

  5. hi guys i wanna buy an R6... but cant decide which yr to buy... any advice??
  6. bro, which model is your bike? I know what you mean on the changing gear portion. Did you mod ur exhausts? or is it stock?

  7. What's the store again??

  8. billybombers89

    my old ride...

    restricted to M18 onli!!! (i actually surived the crash... without and injuries!! not even a scratch on my helmet!!!) but i broke a jay walker arm when i flew off from my bike hahahas
  9. hi everyone i think i should be more active in this forum feel free to add me need more bikers friend to go for outing hahahs thanks thanks

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