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  1. Chaicka you tried the Total 4T? Quite a lot of S4 used it with err... non-negative comments.
  2. And that's why this is the only colour that sold out and must wait for next shipment... Haha... Wait until now me also shift my attention to 04 Fazer liao.
  3. I don't really like the stripes (sticker?) across the tank for the yellow and blue. Would prefer it plain like the silver.
  4. About 1 month ago I checked out the prices of XJR400. HL told me they've got no stock, except for blue. Silver is what I wanted so I nevertheless just out of KPOness asked a bit more. The blue is offered at $11.5K OTR w/o insurance. Silver if I want will only come next ~Mar. Price to be determined. I then went down to Excel to check them out. They have a blue and a white. Don't really fancy the white buit still asked the same things. Quoted $11.2K OTR without insurance. Then went to check our the 2nd hand 03' XJR as mentioned by Chiacka @ Malay Village. Happened that it was sold already.
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