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  1. bro, you install the socket yourself or go bikeshop install?
  2. wei.. i just open mu own little mini shop selling bikes accessories.. come down and have a look and support me at the same time ok.. im at bugis village C FL/H7, in case u get lost in bugis village, call me.. u know my number right... 9180 4947 ( sandy )

  3. nope.. u ask ceo of tampines lo.. hahax!!
  4. hahax.. not e first time le ma..
  5. guys, those hu still wan to order sbf polo shirt plz go to dis link http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179723
  6. hahax.. ask daniel to make it alive lo.. he so free.. always clock post..
  7. muz tell us wat prob first? lyk when u on is dere anything appear on e screen or gt any sound appear?
  8. nah.. frenz is frenz, gf is gf.. i finding a gf tt dun mind goin out wif my frenz.. but is hard to find.. hahax!!! morning peeps!!
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