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  1. Thank you so much bro.... Still having the same issue after 3X sent to A.C.Motors, 1X to future scootering & 1X to Hua Chin... Too much $$$ spent & having the same issue everytime after collect bike.... Too much parts change already... Will try Botak as per advised...
  2. Bro where is this botak located? Last sun break down again... towed again. In/out workshop 5X already still have the same issue... Tired already... Ex owner when told him of the prob straight away block me on watsapp..
  3. Went there on Wednesday. They check & informed CDI need to be change. $$$ fly away. Then rode into expressway, it happen again... Since near east side i went into A.C. Motors. They said igniter prob... Then rode out the bike after repair, it still happen again... Haizzz.... Went back A.C. motor & keep bike there for them to check.... Scary man... $$$ fly like the wind...
  4. Having some issue wif my current X9 200 Evo... While cruising on expressway, suddenly lose power & will stall if i try open more throttle... Start bike after stall no prob... Only when try open throttle then will happen again... This will go on for abt 5 mins b4 suddenly all normalised... Shop change fuel pump, hose, filter & CDI but still happen... Anyone can advise...
  5. Nobody ride X9 200 evo anymore?
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